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Cappuccino Cool

Cappuccino Cool

The aroma of fresh coffee together with the creamy smoothness of fresh milk and the choice of an authentic frothy topping or a scoop of fresh pure ice cream – wow!

Now you can offer your customers this sophisticated drink using the same easy to use Dinkum mixing method and open up a whole new and extremely lucrative market.

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Quality Point of Sale material will also entice customers to try this sophisticated premium drink and once they have, they will return for more.

There are many ways it can be served and it’s so easy to make, with no special equipment necessary:
1.    Stir the ingredients into ice cold milk & serve in the logoed cup/glass (for extra appeal & coldness pour over 4/5 ice cubes in the cup or glass).
2.    Use the Dinkum mixing machine and mix with the milk for 3 seconds. Serve in a cup/glass over ice as above. (Dinkum machines can be purchased as an option).
3.    For a more Frappe type drink blend the ice and milk in a blender. This will give an ice cold drink with texture. For added appeal and profits float cream/ice cream on top decorated with toppings.

We supply all logoed PET clear 14fl oz cups, domed lids & straws FREE with each order.

Order 2 x 1.25kg Tubs of CAPPUCCINO COOL (comes with all disposables) and it will be delivered to you within 2/3 working days, normally next day, p+p FREE.

No artificial colours or flavours, gluten free, suitable for vegetarians, more than 98% fat free, low in calories and made with fresh milk.